How Does A Chainsaw Carburetor Work?

Ever asked yourself about the function of a chainsaw carburetor? Or, even how this carb works? If you have no clue, I will tell you in a minute right now.

The primary aim of a chainsaw carburetor is to accurately meter tiny quantities of fuel and mix it with air that enters the engine in an effort to make the engine run properly.

Now to the question: What if  you have little fuel in the engine? This is what happens. First, the engine starts to run lean which prevents it from running or, it can get damaged. When you have a two stroke chainsaw, the fuel serves as a lubricant.

What if there is too much fuel in the engine. This is what happen. It will either run fine or  not run at all. In other instances, the engine can run with a smoke or run poorly which means bugging down. This can lead to fuel wastage. All these scenarios, shows that you need the carb to have the right mixture of fuel and air.

Unlike the carb of the work, the carb of the chainsaw works in 3 situations:

  • ​Works when you want to start a cold engine.
  • ​Works when the engine is idle.
  • ​Works when the engine is wide open.

The Important Parts That You Need To Understand In A Carburetor

  • ​The carburetor looks like a tube.
  • ​The throttle plate-this is an adjustable plate across the tube.
  • ​There is a narrowing tube called Venturi.
  • List ElementInside the Venturi we have a hole called the jet. Its purpose is to let the vacuum draw fuel.

The carb operates at a full throttle. The throttle plate is parallel to the tube's length to allow maximum air flow through carb.

There airflow then creates  vacuum into the Venturi to draw a metered amount of fuel through the jet. The throttle is closed when the engine is idle, which means that there’s  little airflow getting through the Venturi to create a vacuum. But, on back side of the throttle plate, there is lots of vacuum.

On a cold engine, start with pull-cord. The main reason why you are starting with pull-cord is because the engine is running at low RPM.  Here is also where you can activate the choke plate. Let me explain in detail.

That means that you need a rich mixture to bring the engine to life.  The rich mixture makes the engine to fire once or twice. Or, make the engine run slowly. After you have done this,  open the choke plate to start the engine the normal way.

Now you know the purpose of the carburetor in chainsaw. If you compared  a chainsaw carburetor with a car carburetor, you’ll notice a huge difference in function. You’ll find that a car carburetor is complex because it plays several roles like combining the gasoline and air, regulating the ratio air and controlling the speed of the engine.

Actually, there are many  functions of a car carburetor. But the chainsaw carburetor has simple functions. If you want have more questions on the subject, you can read our articles or send us a question through our contact us page.


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