Best Chainsaw Sharpener Reviews With Buying Guide

As an owner of a chainsaw I know the chain must be kept sharp to cut the piece of equipment properly. A dull chain can cause your chainsaw assembly overheated and this will shorten the life of your chainsaw.

The below sharpening products are my personal favorites. And tried my level best to fill this list with best chainsaw sharpener in the market these days. I judged each of these tools according to the features they have, how easy they are to use, how affordable they are, and their life expectancy.

I compiled this chainsaw sharpener reviews article hoping to help others to determine which chainsaw sharpener would be the most beneficial for their needs.

If you’re forcing a saw with dull chain to cut you are setting yourself up for potential safety hazards like kickbacks. If the saw isn’t easily cutting the tree, then you need to sharpen the chain. Pay attention to your cuts that your saw is making. If it veers to one side or the other, then your chain is dull.

Best Chainsaw Sharpeners Reviews And Analysis

1. Oregon 410 – 120 - Bench or Wall Mounted Saw Chain Grinder

Oregon 410-120 electric chainsaw sharpener comes packaged with a dressing brick, a grinding template, three grinding wheels, that allow you to sharpen ¼”, 3/8”, or low profile chains measuring .325”, 3/8” or .404”.

The tool comes with a built in light to improve your visibility, and it has top plate settings and down angle settings with a wheel wear indicator so you know when you need to change grinding wheels.

The sharpener easily attaches to a work bench, a work table, or to the wall depending on the amount of space you have in your work shop. You will love the versatility, and the power this sharpener has. If you choosy like me and always want the perfect Chainsaw Sharpener than go for it blindly either your are owning a battery chainsaw or for your best gas chainsaw.

2. Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener with 3/16 Inch Carbide Cutter

This electric chainsaw sharpener by Timberline will quickly be able to sharpen each tooth of your chain in a few seconds. The best thing is that the sharpener will properly sharpen each individual tooth to the same angle and the same length.

Saw teeth must be sharp but they have to be at the same angle and length for the chain to work properly.

The device is small and made of machined aluminum so it is light enough to carry with you when you go out to cut wood. It is easy to use and even a beginner will be able to achieve professional quality results using this tool.

3. Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener W 7/32 Inch Carbide Cutter

This machined aluminum chainsaw sharpener attaches to the bar of your chainsaw so the chain is pulled through it smoothly, and you do not even have to take the chain off of the saw. Most electric chainsaw sharpeners require you to remove the chain from the saw. 

This portable device sharpens each tooth of the chain to an equal angle, and equal length in a matter of minutes. It only takes a few seconds for each individual tooth to be sharpened.

You will have the ability to get a professional sharpen on your chain no matter where you are. This means you get more work done with less time and effort.

4. Oregon 511AX Saw Chain Bench Grinder/Sharpener

When you purchase this Oregon chainsaw sharpener you will have the ability to equally grind the angles on each tooth of your chain without having to stop and adjust the machine.

The adjustment capabilities will provide you with even wheel wears so you buy fewer grinding wheels, and it will provide you with an accuracy to each grind that you never expected.

You will get three grinding wheels in the package with the sharpener. It comes with a ¼ inch grinding wheel, a 1/8th inch wheel, and a 3/16th inch wheel allowing you to sharpen chains that are ¼”, .325”, ½ inch, and ¾”.

5. STIHL 2 In 1 Easy File Chainsaw Chain Sharpener .325 Inch

When selecting a chainsaw sharpener, make sure you select the one that works best for your needs. If you are someone who don’t mind hanging out in the shop a mounted would be a great idea. If you are one who needs to sharpen quite often then an electric mounted is a great idea.

If you just need to sharpen on an occasional basis, the manual one with a guide is great. Last but not least if you are always on the go, but don’t want to stop what you are doing to sharpen than invest is one like the Stihl 2 in 1 easy sharpener

​​​This handy chainsaw chain sharpener by STIHL will sharpen the teeth on a .325” chain. You will be able to use each file about fifteen times before you have to change them.

The sharpener is made by STIHL but it will work on almost all .325” chains no matter what brand of saw you are placing them on.

The device has two guide bars along with angled handles to help you sharpen each tooth of your chain at the proper angle. It is light and easy to carry so anytime your saw starts to become hard to use you can whip out this handy tool and sharpen the chain teeth so they cut like a knife running through warm butter.

6. Granberg Bar-Mount Chainsaw Sharpener Model# G-106B

When you are working in the woods cutting down trees you want to have the ability to sharpen your chain properly without having to go through a lot of trouble, or having to leave the woods. This portable bar-mount sharpener allows you to get a proper edge, and angle, on each tooth of your chain without removing the chain from your saw.

You will have the ability to perfectly match the chain angles that the chain manufacturer had created so your chain will work as good as it did when it was brand new. You get professional results without the hassle of taking the chain to a chainsaw shop.

7. Oregon 551462 Bench Chain Grinder

Having a bench chainsaw sharpener in your work shop like this one made by Oregon will allow you to have perfectly sharpened chains, and properly functioning equipment each time you go to saw wood. This means less work for you, less potential for danger, and less time on the job.

This sharpener comes with a dressing brick, two grinding wheels, a depth gauge template so you can properly establish the depth and angle for your chain, and T shaped cooling fans to keep the device from overheating during operation.

The handles and knobs of the sharpener have been carefully designed to make them easy to grip and use.

8. Oregon 520-120 Bench Saw Grinder

Do not confuse this Oregon chainsaw sharpener with the Oregon 520-120 Mini bench mounted saw grinder. This device is larger and has the capacity to sharpen chains that are ¼”, 3/8” low profile, 3/8” full profile, .325”, and .404” pitch.

It also has a self-centering feature on the chain vise so that you have less trouble keeping the chain properly positioned for sharpening.

You will get top plate settings as well as down angle settings that allow you to get more professional results from your sharpener. The built in light allows you to see the chain and determine the proper angle easier.

9. Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener with 13/64 Inch Carbide Cutter

You can get professional sharpening results from a carbide cutter that mounts on the bar of your chain.

This Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener with 7/32 Inch Carbide Cutter gives you professional results in an easy to use device that you can carry with you when you go out to cut wood.

You do not have to remove the chain from the bar, and you do not have to leave the woods and go into town to the chainsaw shop

This little tool will precisely sharpen each tooth of the chain to an equal length and angle. It is made of lightweight machined aluminum so it is portable and does not rust.

10. Husqvarna 653000035 SharpForce Chain Sharpener 3/16 Inch

This is a handheld sharpening device that will sharpen the cutting teeth of a chainsaw while it files the depth gauges needed. You can carry the portable unit with you wherever you go so you never again have a dull chainsaw.

You get to keep your equipment properly working whether you are in the woods, or at home in the back yard.

The files wills sharpen about fifteen times before you need to change them. You will save a lot of money by sharpening your own chains and not carrying the saw to the saw shop each time the chain gets dull. According to my use and experts opinion this one the best handheld chainsaw sharpener. And, this tool is perfect for any standard Husqvarna chainsaw

Things to Consider When Buying The Best Chainsaw Sharpener

When you are in the market for the best chainsaw sharpeners you have some great choices out there. Sure there are some that want to use the old round file route yet. Make it easier on yourself and go a better route.

The sharpeners on the market today make sharpening your chainsaw chain easier than ever. Most of them are guided so it is near impossible to make an angle mistake. Most chains also come with markings to help you select the right file size or filer setting.

The best way to decide on which one is the best one for you is simple. What are your needs? Do you need to sharpen chains often or just occasionally? Do you use your chainsaw away from home a lot or closer to home? Those are all important questions, if you need to sharpen often and frequently then a mounted electric chainsaw would probably be the best.

If you only need to sharpen occasionally and want to save some money and you are around home most of the time. Then the hand operated one is a great choice, typically you need access to a vise to hold the blade of saw.

If you are on the go a lot with yours saw, then get the portable one that can easily fit in a pocket, so you always have it available. I have spent countless hours to built a healthy list of chainsaw sharpener. 

Electric Chainsaw Sharpeners Reviews In Details

If you own a chainsaw you might own a file for sharpening your chain with. Hand sharpening using a file is a slow and tedious task. You must sharpen the chain at the proper angle, and you must carefully work so that you sharpen every tooth on the chain equally. An electric chainsaw sharpener has a guide to help you sharpen at the proper angle.

An electric chainsaw sharpener is a tool that helps you sharpen your chain, and prolong the life of your saw. These tools are designed to hold the chain and create the perfect sharpening angle so you get the best performance from your chainsaw. I believe this long post of electric powered chainsaw sharpener reviews will help you to choose the perfect sharpener for your saw.

1. Buffalo Tools ECSS Electric Chainsaw Sharpener

Buffalo Tools ECSS will allow you to keep the chain on your saw in perfect operating condition. You will save time and money by doing the sharpening yourself instead of running to the saw shop each time your cutting edges get dull.

This unit can mount to a bench or to the wall so that it is stable while in use. It is capable of adjusting to sharpen the most popular chain designs available.  It is powered by plugging it into a standard 120-volt wall receptacle. It comes with a 4 and ¼ inch grinding wheel and a 7/8ths inch arbor.

2. Oregon 108181 Saw Chain Mini Bench Grinder/Sharpener

This is a small device that comes with one grinding wheel providing you with the ability to sharpen .325 pitch and 3/8 pitch chains. If you have the need to sharpen a ¼ inch, a .325” or the mini 3/8 inch chains you can buy additional wheels that give you those abilities.

You get a wheel dressing brick and a template guide to accurately set up the device, along with a one year warranty against any manufacturer defects.

You will be able to create accurately sharpened angles like you would expect if you had your chain professionally sharpened. This is a great homeowner sharpener.

3. Timber Tuff CS-12V 12 Volt Portable Electric Sharpener

This electric chainsaw sharpener gives you the features of the hard plug sharpeners that plug into wall receptacles, and the freedom to sharpen your chains in the field where you are working.

The power source for this amazing tool is your 12 volt battery, so you always have power wherever you are.

The tool is light enough, and small enough to carry with you. It stays cool to the touch during operation and it can be set at twenty degree angles, twenty five degree angles, and thirty degree angles.

This sharpener has a high speed motor that has no load speed like many of the wall-plug sharpeners.

4. Xtremepower US 85W Electric Chainsaw Sharpener with Brake

This electric saw sharpener has an eighty five watt motor to provide you all of the power that you need to get the job done.

It has a maximum speed of forty two hundred RPMs and a capacity to handle create a thirty five degree angle to the right or the left. You can easily hold the chain in position using the brake handle.

This sharpener is suitable for homeowners that occasionally need to sharpen one chain. Or for professionals who find themselves needing to sharpen several chains on a daily, or weekly basis. The sharpener mounts to a bench.

5. Timber Tuff CS-BWM Benchtop or Wall Mount Sharpener

When you purchase this bench top chainsaw sharpener you will get grinding blades measuring three sixteenths of an inch, one eight on an inch, and one quarter inch, so you can effectively sharpen the majority of all chains. 

The stable unit easily attaches to a bench so that it stays in position and does not vibrate during operation. This makes it safer for the operator. It also has a nice large handle for you to hold keeping the chain in place where the sharpener can do its job. You get a sharpener with a maximum speed of 3600 RPM and a low noise level of only .70 decibels.

6. Electric Grinder Chainsaw Bench Sharpener Vise Mount

This electric chainsaw sharpener can be mounted where you need it to be. You can mount it on the wall, on a bench, or to a vice. It is capable of being adjusted to sharpen almost every chain no matter what the tooth pitch is. It has an angle adjustment that allows you to keep your chains in their perfect operating condition.

It has a 4200 grinding speed, and comes with a safety guard that is large enough to prevent personal injury accidents from occurring while the sharpener is being used. It has chain rotation rollers to advance the chain through the sharpener.

7. Oregon 310-120 Bench Mounted Mini Saw Chain Grinder

This Oregon chainsaw sharpener that has a fixed motor angle to provide you with consistent grinding results. It is capable of sharpening chains that are ¼”, 3/8” low profile chains, 0.325” chains, and 3/8” full profile chains, as well as .404” pitch chains.

You will get two four and one eight inch grinding wheels with your sharpener. The device has been designed with one way motor operation to help protect the operators from possible injury, which makes it one of the best chainsaw sharpeners in recent market. It is a stable unit that will be able to help you keep a professional edge on your chains so your saw will work as well as it did when it was brand new.

8. VEVOR Electric Chainsaw Sharpener Grinder w/ Grinding Wheels

This sharpener comes complete with two grinding wheels. One measures 1/8” and the other measures 3/16” so you will be able to sharpen the majority of chains sold today.

You will also be provided with a tool pack that includes a sharpening template so you can set the proper angle and depth, a dressing brick, and the appropriate Allen wrenches to help you make all adjustments needed.

You will have a sharpener with easy to handle controls, a built in light, a powerful motor, and safety features that will protect you while you use the sharpener. This is a complete package that provides professional results every time.

How To Use Chainsaw Sharpener and Safety Tips

You could opt for a bench mounted one, a rounded file, an electric file or there is a take a long sharpener that will easily fit into a tool box. You should always follow your manufacturers recommendations when you can.

Things have become easier since most chains have some kind of marking as to what size file you will need. The mounted or electrical will tend to last you longer, but the portable one holds up quite nicely and don’t require electric.

So you don’t have to stop and leave in the middle of a cutting job. Almost anyone can use one today and most come with instructions on how to use.

When it comes to safety, always make sure you have the proper protection when sharpening. Wear gloves to protect from possible cuts from the chain. Make sure you wear eye protection to protect from small metal shavings.

Always make sure the chainsaw is not running, meaning don’t sharpen while idling even. Make sure that your chainsaw is fastened down properly when using power supplied sharpeners.

If using a hand one make sure it is on stable surface. This is also a great time to check chain adjustment to make sure it is tight and to check for other damage.

Chainsaw Sharpener: It’s Importance And Stay Safe

A chainsaw sharpener is a critical piece of equipment for the chainsaw and pole saw owner. Everyone knows that cutting paper with dull scissors only ends one way, complete frustration and scissors thrown across the room, most likely embedding itself into the wall.

Chainsaws are much heavier and harder to throw across the room, not to mention the fact that they are more than a few dollars to replace. If the chainsaw becomes dull, there is no need to overreact. Kicking it, cutting until the saw no longer cuts, and cursing until the air turns blue will not fix the problem of a dull chainsaw.

All one needs are a few simple tools, a few minutes to use them, the patience to check the chainsaw’s blade and teeth, and the instructions on how to sharpen the chainsaw’s blade. All this information is listed below.

The maintenance of a chainsaw is vital, if one’s desire is to keep it in operational order for every job. There are specific tools on the market which will sharpen the teeth of the chainsaw after every use, i.e., a chainsaw sharpener.

Just like a chainsaw, they range in sophistication of technology from hand files to automatic chainsaw sharpeners. The brand names, which are Stihl, Oregon, Vallorbi, and Dremel etc. Again, depending upon the sophistication required of the chainsaw sharpener. Many of the electric chainsaw sharpeners also very cheap.

The easiest way for the consumer to determine the best chainsaw sharpener for them is to access how often and how long the chainsaw will be in use. This will give the owner an indication of how dull the chainsaw teeth will become during the use of the chainsaw.

The following advice is given to keep the teeth of the chainsaw sharp. The teeth need to have a razor sharp edge to them. Grind them with the electric chainsaw sharpener or file them with a hand file. Either way, keep the teeth sharp.

Keep the amount of wood taken by each cut regulated to the specific teeth of the chainsaw. Use the depth guides to keep the height adjusted appropriately for the chainsaw owner. If a chain needs replacing, consult the owner’s manual before buying one. It will tell the owner exactly which chain to purchase so that it will fit the saw correctly.

If the customer chooses to purchase one of the many varieties of chainsaw sharpener. Safety is the most important piece to remember. Chainsaw sharpeners may seem harmless and easy to move without paying much attention to them, but every tool can be dangerous, if the user is distracted or not watching what he is doing.

First, keep the sharp side of the tool away from the body and any other people that are around.

Second, sharpen the edges of the chainsaw away from the body, in case there is a slip or a quick reaction to the sharpener.

Third, if using an electric sharpener, unplug it after each use, so fingers do not get stuck in the saw sharpener. If using a hand file, keep it up on a shelf to eliminate the possibility of being used by children in an inappropriate manner.

Sharpening a Chainsaw is not a big deal | Learn how to

Chainsaws are a great tool and have been helping people for many years. They do require maintenance and one of the things they require is to be sharpened. Yes, you can just take the chain to someone and have them sharpen it for you. However, why don’t you save yourself the money and do it yourself. Sharpening a chainsaw is easier than you might be thinking. The hardest part is making sure you follow basic safety to protect yourself. So let’s go over somethings that will get you on your way to being able to sharpen on your own.

Basics About a Chainsaw

Before you start you need to know the basics about your chainsaw chain. A chainsaw chain has basic parts you need to know for sharpening. There are left-hand cutters, right-hand cutters, tie-straps, drive links and rivets. The main component is the cutters because they are what is cutting the wood. If they dull you won’t be getting very far. They have a raker at the front and gouge type element toward the back. The area between them is what is referred to as the gullet.

How to Know When It Is Time for Sharpening Your Chainsaw

There are many reasons chains can get dull on us, main reason is sitting debris and dirt. Which you can get from setting it on the ground or the tree having debris on it after being dropped. In some cases, you cannot avoid those things.

If you cut wood logs for your vented fireplace or large mantel for an electric fireplace, you don't need to worry about the debris and dirt. On occasion you also may end up running into something embedded in the tree you didn’t know about.

Here are some given ways to know it is time to sharpen:

  • When your chain doesn’t want to self-feed, this is typically what you will notice first. If you notice you have to push on the saw to get it to cut through, it is time.
  • Check the wood chips coming off the saw, if they are nice and squared and clean looking your good to go. If you are getting fine dirty looking dust, it is time to sharpen.
  • Sure shiny is pretty, but not in this case. If the cutting edge is looking a little too pretty, it is time to sharpen.

If you notice any of these signs you need to sharpen as soon as possible. To continue cutting is putting both you and your chainsaw at risk. You for injuries and your chainsaw for undue stress that can lead to a failure of your chainsaw.

Things to Do Before Sharpening

The best place for you to sharpen is where you can secure you’re saw. Since typically you will have some devices that can secure it while you are working. You can do in the field if you have to, it will just take you a little longer. You could keep an extra chain on you as well while you are in the field if you want to avoid sharpening in the field.

So when in the shop or garage, make sure you have plenty of light to start with. The best way to secure the bar if it moves around is with a vise, that way you can rotate chain easier as well. If you don’t have one available a block of wood under the bar will work as well.

Proper Tools

The first best tool you will need is the correct diameter round file. This can restore all three of the angles of the cutters on a chain. So you will have to make sure you have the right size and hold it at the proper angles. A basic guide is ¼ and 3.8 in pitch low-profile chain typically call for a 5/32 in file. A 0.325-inch pitch chain a 3/16 in file. A standard 3/8 in pitch or 0.404 in pitch chain demands a 7/32 in file.

There are some exceptions though so that is just a basic guide. Always refer back to your manufacturer’s manual or suggestions. To get the right angle, the best suggestion is a file guide. You can do it without it is just trickier. The best guides are the ones that consist of plates that drop over the chain. When buying a guide make sure you by the correct one for your model of chainsaw.

Sharpening Technique

Most people who sharpen tend to come up with something that works for them. Since you are new at it you will come up with something over time to. In the meantime, here is a way you can use. Place file over cutter and lay file on the guide and align with proper marks. If using clamp on guide lay guide plate on cutter and align marks with guide bar plane.

Now hold the file with both hands for stabilization, file the cutter from the inside to outside using a full stroke. Light pressure, let up on the return. File all cutters on one side than file the other side following the same steps.

After sharpening several times, check the depth gauge setting this is important to do. You can purchase a tool for this as well. You just place tool over chain to make sure it rests squarely on the top plates. Then simply slide so the .025 appears, for example can be different depending on the type of chainsaw.

The mentioned above sharpening was about sharpening a with a round file. There are many other types of tools out there to help you get the job done with ease. There is even one for the ones that are always on the go, find out how easy sharpening your chainsaw really is.

Final Verdict

Out of all type of chainsaw chain sharpener, I personally like electric saw sharpener. Those are the best chainsaw sharpener in the market if you choose the right one. Make the sharping so fast and easy. But you have to be very careful when using an electric chainsaw sharpener. A second of carelessness can cost you lot.

That’s all for the day. If I missed anything, happy to get informed via comments. Thanks for stopping by my chainsaw sharpener reviews article. We hope this article is helpful for you to choose the right sharpener for your chainsaw .